Mr. Armtone – Solid 25 Steel 

My special celebration mixtape for 25th anniversary of Solid Steel radio show!
Mixtape contains tunes & remixes produced by show residents, classic Solid Steel mash-ups, jingles, edits and versions + other different productions related with show.
Playlist (pt.1):
s24 – Solid Steel Intro (Remix)
*One of the best intro remixes by s24 from Solid Steel Intro Competition back in ‘2004.
Coldcut & Hexstatic – Timber (DK Recut)
*Fantastic jungle remix of legendary “Timber” by DK. Hard as f**k! Awesome as original!
Sean Dearnaley – Solid Steel Intro (Remix)
*Another remix of intro from ‘2004 competition.
Peezee – Nightrous
*This tune was produced by Patrick Carpenter aka PC and released only on “Cold Krush Cuts” mix.
DJ Food – Mr Scruff’s Ninja Tune Megamix
*Mr Scruff’s megamix of DJ Food’s (Coldcut/PC) classic tunes from 1-5 Jazz Brakes albums. Also you can find an edited version by Hexstatic on “Listen & Learn”.
Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M. (DJ Moneyshot Remix)
*Nice remix by DJ Moneyshot for legendary C.R.E.A.M.
Hexstatic – Auto
*Classic tune from Hex. Check out video clip too!
Doubleclick – Solid Steel Intro (Remix)
*Doubleclick’s remix of intro from ‘2004 competition.
Ruckus Roboticus – Here We Go
*Nice funky tune from ex. resident.
Unknown Artists – Solid Steel Intro (Remix)
*Found this version in PAD’s archive. No artist, sorry.
T-Love – Solid Steel Drop
*First & only one SONG about show!
DJ Food – Don’t Try 2 Mix Me
*Some classic breaks from Jazz Brakes.
DK – Let’s Play Drums
*Another drummer’s breaks spoken-word funky tune. Taken from first Solid Steel series CD release “Now, Listen!”
Bonobo – Solid Steel Intro
*Version of intro by legendary Bonobo. Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 “For What It’s Worth” beats detected! 🙂
Hexstatic – Ninja Tune
*Cool tune! Nice Video! Best label!
O.C. – Times Up (DJ Moneyshot Remix)
*Another remix by Roy of worldwide hip-hop classic.
Bobby Corridor – Solid Steel Intro (Remix)
*Slow-tempo jingle beats by Bobby.
Hexstatic – Telemetron (Solid Steel Intro Dub)
*Amazing tune by Hex in special dub version for “Listen & Learn” release. Also was released as separate unmixed tune on 10″ clear vinyl promo!
RHC feat. Plavka – Move Ya (Swamp Mix)
*Coldcut’s remix for classic “Move Ya”. Was very very unexpected to hear Solid Steel Intro instrumental in the middle of this remix. 🙂
Jeru The Damaja vs The Cinematic Orchestra – Come Clean / Channel One Suite (Strictly Kev’s ‘Solid Steel’ Mash-up)
*The best mash-ups ever by Strictly Kev (DJ Food). Actually it’s three tunes together (+ Neotropic – Beached), you can check how to do it right there –
Flexus – The Joy Of X (Spotters Delight)
*A secret Kev’s alias for bootleg production! 🙂
Amon Tobin vs Deflex 6 – Easy Cliffs (Suzie Sparkle’s ‘Solid Steel’ Mash-up)
*Another brilliant vinyl mash-up by Suzie Sparkle from Delta9! Check her beautiful guest mix from December ‘2002.
Sixtoo – Untitled (Jel Remix)
*Notes from CD – “These remixes were produced for the UK radio show Solid Steel – Sixtoo is a lazy bastard – the mix was not finished on time.” Don’t know what does it’s mean, but it’s a part of history.
DJ Food – 20/20 Rhythm
*Mystic tune by DJ Food, 3 in 1 different rhythms. Released only on Ninja Tune XX compilation, produced by Kev.
DJ Food & DK – Sentinel (Shadow Guard)
*Some heavy stuff from the main two! 🙂
Coldcut – Aid Dealer
*Nice tune from last album by founding fathers.
Coldcut – Atomic Moog ‘2000 (Cornelius Remix)
*Epic remix for epic tune!
Sixtoo – Untitled (Controller 7 Remix)
*Another remix from promo, which was produced for Solid Steel.
Cuts – Solid Steel
*Cuts is electronic producer from Israel. Nothing special, just solid steel…
The Cinematic Orchestra – Ode To The Big Sea (Axis Remix)
*Future jazz remix by Axis, actually it’s an alias by DK.
Arc – Arcane
*Arc is duo of DK and Dean Smith. Only one tune was released by Arc, it’s so sad.
The Cinematic Orchestra – Familiar Ground (Solid Steel Version)
*This version is so awesome… so awesome as show.
Playlist (pt.2):
DJ Food – Nevermore (Sleep Dyad 2)
*Dark tune with 3/4 tact by Kev from legendary “Kaleidoscope”.
Kormac ft. DJ Cheeba & DJ Yoda – Kormac’s Scratch Party
*Another 3/4 tact tune from party with Cheeba.
Bendymans – Solid Steel Intro (Remix)
*Nice remix from Bendymans.
DJ Food – Lo Message
*Early Coldcut’s production from Jazz Brakes LP.
Cold Steel – Solid Steel Intro (Remix)
*Taken from archive of competition.
Kowalski – Solid Steel Intro (Remix)
*Taken from archive of competition.
Unknown Artists – Solid Steel Intro (Remix)
*Taken from archive of competition.
The Allergies – Big Star
*The Allergies is a duo of Rackabeat and big star Moneyshot.
Exactshit – Wildstyle
*Bootleggers alias by Hexstatic. This tune was released only on video version of release.
Coldcut feat. Eric B & Rakim – Not Paid Enough (DJ Kentaro Turntable Mix)
*Legendary Eric B & Rakim remix by Coldcut scratched and cut by DJ Kentaro with his famous “On The Wheels Of Solid Steel” style.
Leisure Allstars – Friday Night (Tom Central & DJ Cheeba Remix)
*Nice remix from Tom (Keep Up!) & Cheeba. By the way, new Solid Steel show usually comes on Friday. 🙂
Torley Wong – Solid Steel Intro (Remix)
*Remix from Torley Wong.
DJ Food – All Covered In Darkness (Mr P. Remix Suite) (Pt. 3 Beats)
*Some new production from Kev remixed by Patrick (PC).
Double D & Steinski – Lesson 4 (Solid Steel Edit)
*Unfinished demo version of legendary “Lesson” by Double D & Steinski was edited specially for show in ‘2002.
Def Tex – Steel Solid Vocal
*Unreleased tune by Def Tex, which was played only once at show in ‘2001.
Coldcut – Beats’n’Pieces
*I’m sure you know it! 🙂
Herbie Hancock – Rockit (Coldcut Remix)
*Rare Coldcut’s remix of legendary “Rockit” by Herbie Hancock, which was released on “Rockit 2.002” in 2002. Not sure if it’s somehow connected with show-interview by Herbie Hancock.
Hexstatic – L-Virata
*Nice tune by Hexstatic.
Penfifteen aFineMess – Solid Steel Intro (Remix)
*Another good remix of intro.
The Pleasure Fuckers – Solid Steel Automobile
*Some crazy punk shit! 🙂

27 Apr 2013 | MIXES & PODCASTS