The Bug & Flowdan in Erarta – Epic ending! 

The electric power has gone off, while Bug & Flowdan played “Skeng”! Watch Video!
Kevin (The Bug):
“Apologies to the ‘Erarta’, St.Petersburg, audience tonite..The electrics terminally died 3/4 of the way thru our set. We were gutted…Particularly sad, cause, Myself + Flowdan were runnin on full power with full watts, and got maximum energy in return.So thank you, to the Russian crowd, who were xxxlarge….Not sure if it was our requested smoke machine warfare or the xtra bassbins, but almost on a precise note of a rapturously spunback ‘Skeng’, the power got cut in the impressive museum of art…..Zzzzzzz…
Gotta say, 3 times i played in Russia, 3 times ive been super impressed by the energy of the crowds..No wallflowers, strictly musical madheadz.Respect..Incredible atmosphere in the room..Ppl bruckin out like crazy, words being sangalong excitedly, audience very mixed not just a sausagefest..all in all an increidbly positive experience asides from the power failure, which was impossible to switch back on…SHAME really.
The west needs to take lessons from the East in crowd enthusiasm..No LDN/Berlin/NYC cool skool in St.Petersburg. MAX ENERGY..thx again.
Someone caught the moment we literally skeng’d the system last night. Apologies.A truly great audience..The crowd’s audience provided more electricity than the whole of the city combined…Very memorable.”

9 Mar 2016 | VIDEOS