Armtone ‘AV-Set’ Live @ Warpp (Video)

Online videostream from Warpp –

11/02/2018 @ VIDEOS 
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 ‘LIVE&RAVE’ Video w/ Hyperboloid & Armtone

Some video from event…

+ one from Hyperboloid

21/07/2017 @ VIDEOS 
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 Roots Manuva Live @ Erarta (Video)

Bootleg video of full gig ‘2017. Enjoy!

26/06/2017 @ VIDEOS 
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 The Bug w/ Flowdan & M.R. @ Erarta (Video)

Bootleg video of full gig ‘2017. Enjoy!

17/06/2017 @ VIDEOS 
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Short promotion video about our gigs & events.
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27/01/2017 @ VIDEOS 
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 DJ Kentaro @ Erarta, St.P (360° Camera Live)

19 мая на Эрарта Сцене прошел концерт японского хип-хоп новатора DJ Kentaro. Этот удивительный музыкант стал первым рекордсменом и чемпионом мира из Азии на DMC World Final в 2002 году, одном из крупнейших мировых конкурсов-соревнований среди диджеев. Резидент культового лейбла Ninja Tune, продюсер, организатор международного музыкального фестиваля Basscamp, Kentaro сделал титанический вклад в современную электронную музыку.
Проект реализован студией Super8 (, специализирующейся на создании видеороликов для очков виртуальной реальности.
Теперь каждый желающий сможет надеть очки виртуальной реальности и оказаться прямо на сцене вместе с ди-джеем Kentaro и вблизи понаблюдать за его виртуозной работой. Помимо эффекта стопроцентного погружения, зритель также сможет насладиться и дополненной реальностью за счет интегрированных виртуальных арт-объектов в реальный концерт.
Наполнили виртуальное выступление Dj Kentaro яркими визуальными эффектами специалисты по компьютерной графике Егор Циханович и Артем Сашенков.

24/08/2016 @ VIDEOS 
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 Skalpel @ Erarta

12 августа 2016 г. на Эрарта Сцене выступил польский дуэт Skalpel.

19/08/2016 @ VIDEOS 
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 The Bug & Flowdan in Erarta – Epic ending!

The electric power has gone off, while Bug & Flowdan played “Skeng”! Watch Video!
Kevin (The Bug):
“Apologies to the ‘Erarta’, St.Petersburg, audience tonite..The electrics terminally died 3/4 of the way thru our set. We were gutted…Particularly sad, cause, Myself + Flowdan were runnin on full power with full watts, and got maximum energy in return.So thank you, to the Russian crowd, who were xxxlarge….Not sure if it was our requested smoke machine warfare or the xtra bassbins, but almost on a precise note of a rapturously spunback ‘Skeng’, the power got cut in the impressive museum of art…..Zzzzzzz…
Gotta say, 3 times i played in Russia, 3 times ive been super impressed by the energy of the crowds..No wallflowers, strictly musical madheadz.Respect..Incredible atmosphere in the room..Ppl bruckin out like crazy, words being sangalong excitedly, audience very mixed not just a sausagefest..all in all an increidbly positive experience asides from the power failure, which was impossible to switch back on…SHAME really.
The west needs to take lessons from the East in crowd enthusiasm..No LDN/Berlin/NYC cool skool in St.Petersburg. MAX ENERGY..thx again.
Someone caught the moment we literally skeng’d the system last night. Apologies.A truly great audience..The crowd’s audience provided more electricity than the whole of the city combined…Very memorable.”

09/03/2016 @ VIDEOS 
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 Mr. Armtone – R3motions (AV-Mix)

Solid Steel in association with Serato (20th November) It’s another epic Video Mix from Armtone in Hr 1. More bespoke visuals alongside original videos for a 90 minute AV mixtape. This time it’s titled ‘RΣmotions’ and starts with Paul White’s outing on R & S Records and into the excellent ‘Cirrus’ video by Cyriak for Bonobo. Then it’s African flavours from Nigerian synth pioneer William Onyeabor, Owiny Sigoma Band and Clap! Clap!, before taking a darker route with Akkord, Dark Sky, Wen, Mumdance featuring Novelist, Addison Groove and classic Techno by Spacetime Continuum from 1996. Big Dada feature with a track from Wiley and Ninja Tune legend The Bug appears with the stunning video by Factory Fifteen for his track ‘Void’, before taking it down with Kid Moxie & The Gaslamp Killer and Jokers of the Scene. Another AV Masterclass!
To coincide with this AV mix, Serato are giving away a brand new Rane TTM57MKII DJ mixer that can also be used for AV sets. To win this mixer worth £1,400, just head over to Serato to watch the Armtone Video Mix and enter the competition
Paul White – Where You Gonna Go – R & S Records
Bonobo – Cirrus – Ninja Tune
Sau Poler – Isolated – Atomnation
William Onyeabor – Love Me Now (Prince of B Edit) – Unknown
Owiny Sigoma Band – Lucas Malore – Brownswood Recordings
Clap! Clap! – Tambacounda’s Black Magic – Black Acre
My Nu Leng ft. Fox – Masterplan – Black Butter Records
Akkord – Folded Edge –

20/11/2015 @ VIDEOS 
 DJ Food & DK @ Erarta

06/10/2015 @ VIDEOS 
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 Mr. Armtone – 3motions (AV-Mix)

Solid Steel in association with Serato (14th August) We have an AV mix lined up for you this week courtesy of Mr Armtone. Carefully selected visuals have been edited alongside original videos for an incredible 95 min Video Mixtape. With the title Emotions, it’s the 4th AV mix he’s done for Solid Steel and as before combines music and visuals of the highest order. Kicking off with House of Black Lanterns, it weaves through tracks by Cid Rim, Om unit remixing the classic Shadow Boxing, Machinedrum, Modeselektor, Jon Hopkins remixed by Four Tet, Run the Jewels, Bonobo, David Axelrod and Bilal.
House Of Black Lanterns – You, Me, Metropolis – Houndstooth
Cadenza – The Darkest Hype (Phillip D Kick Remix) – Dummy
Dj Raffa – Sabotagem Esta Na Area Vei – GRV Discos
Cid Rim – Animus Anima – LuckyMe
Mad Zach & G Jones – Spontaneity – Saturate
Dreadsquad – Beat That Chest (Jstar Remix Instrumental) – Superfly
Perfect Giddimani – Champions Anthem (Acapella) – Superfly
Super Cat – Ghetto Red Hot (6Blocc Jungle Mix) – Unknown
Sam Binga ft. Redders – Lef Dem – Critical Music
They Call Me Raptor – Gambler – Par Excellence
Jubei ft. Flowdan – Say Nothin – Metalheadz
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix) – 31 Record
Ital Tek – Babel – Planet Mu
Machinedrum – Overcome – Ninja Tune
Modeselektor – Earth (Ups Edit) – BPitch Control
Clipping. – Inside Out – Sub Pop
Manik – Wanna Feel – Black Butter
The Seshen –

14/08/2015 @ VIDEOS 
 DJ Food, Cheeba, Moneyshot @ Erarta

31 января 2015 г. в новом зале Эрарта Сцена прошел концерт Scratch Show “Beastie Boys Tribute” с участием трех именитых диджеев британского лейбла Ninja Tune, а также радиошоу Solid Steel.
Scratch show “Beastie Boys Tribute” featuring star djs of legendary Ninja Tune and Solid Steel radio show – Food, Moneyshot, Cheeba – took place at Erarta Stage on January 31.

17/02/2015 @ VIDEOS 
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